From "One Hundred Haiku of Kyoshi"
selected by Ms. Inahata Teiko.
Translated by Nagayama Aya
(15) -2001.8.10-


Oh-yudachi kururashi Yuhu no kaki-kumori

Literal translation:
  Great showers are coming---
  Mt.Yuhu has been covered
  With dark clouds

  Seasonal word; yuhdachi (or,yudachi),
            evening showers [summer]
  Written in 1927, when Kyoshi was 55 years old.

On his way back from Beppu, Kyoshi visited the Kijima Plateau at the foot of Mt.Yuhu. Here he found that majestic mountain swathed in dark clouds. The air itself was dark and heavy with impending rain.

Note that this haiku conveys a real sense of distance, Kyoshi, who was no doubt standing at the Kijima Plateau which was blessed with the best view of Mt.Yuhu, points up the distance between himself and the mountain by expressing his awe at Mt.Yuhu's grandeur.

When we know that this is one of the twenty-five haiku entitled 'Draught,' we are more inspired with awe, thinking that this was the rain people had been waiting for a long time.

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