From "One Hundred Haiku of Kyoshi"
selected by Ms. Inahata Teiko.
Translated by Nagayama Aya
(11) -2001.4.10-


Hitotsu ne ni hanare uku ha ya haru no mizu

Literal translation:
  From a single root
  Little green leaves floating aloof;
  Spring water

  Seasonal word: Spring water.
  This haiku was written in 1913, when Kyoshi was 39 years old.

While taking a walk one day in early spring, Kyoshi came upon a ditch filled with water. As he looked idely down at it, Kyoshi observed that though the sun sparkled in the water and warmed his back, the east wind still brought a chill to his cheek.

Thinking that spring could surely be felt in the microcosm down in the ditch, Kyoshi threw a pebble into the water. Through soft mud floating up like smoke, he saw winter-dark algae at the bottom. Then he noticed a green leaf on the surface of water.

Surely this was a harbinger of spring! Kyoshi realized that the leaf was connected to a stem, and that this stem rose from a submerged root. Observing more closely he was surprised to find many more stems emerging radiately from the root and each of them had a leaf on the surface.

Perceiving that the entire universe could be seen in this humble plant, he felt it was a true gift of nature and understood how close observation and profound contemplation were linked each other.

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