< Rules of Kukai(Haiku Meetings) >

I already explained basic principles of haiku-making. Here is a haik meeting where people get together, study and actually make haiku. Let me give you details below:

Kukai(Haiku meeting): a meeting where the member people attend in, order to make and study haiku. The meeting follows the steps as below:

* Toku (submission of haiku): each person makes haiku as many as required, writes them each on a designated slip of paper without the writer-s name on it, then folds and submits it by the due time of the day.
* Themes or season. words of haiku for the gathering are given as either:
    * Kendai    :
* Sekidai    :
* Shokumoku  :
 assigned in advance
 announced on the spot
 choice from the sight
* Seiki(Rewriting): When submitted, the slips of haiku are evenly mixed and a designated number of haiku are posted clearly on a given Sheet of paper.
* Senku(Selection): The posting sheets are serially numbered and passed on to the next person. Each person Selects a required number of haiku, posts them again on a selection sheet with the selector's name on it.
* Hiko(Announcement): The selection papers are collected and the announcer calls the name of the selector and each of the selected haiku. The maker of haiku is supposed to give acknowledgement by giving his or her name answering the announcement,

These are the outlines of a haiku Dleeting. Here is another haiku event:

Ginko(Outing): A group of haiku friends go outing to historic spots or those of scenic beauty, observe the objects of season words and make haiku on the spot, A due time is set for submission of haiku. Later the group has a meeting dealing with those works of haiku composed on site. The procedures of the meeting are the same as those described earlier.