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I just took it easy when I began to write this book. As the book is about ready for publication, I can hardly resist a cloud of restless concern spreading in my mind.

The four years of my special haiku carriculum at Konan junior high school passed rather quickly. People kindly advised me that I should not let gone my teachings, but compile them as a textbook for school students and also as a guidance for young people and the general public.
Almost six months have passed since I,Without serious thought, began to write this book.

At a glance at my first draft, one of DY advisers said to me, "Is this what you call an easy and friendly Writing that can invite young people to the world of haiku?" I felt scales fall from my eyes, and realized that I had forgotten what was most important, and that I had done nothing more than lecturing on the basic principles of haiku.

When I started again in a more informal manner. I was relaxed and my writing developed like a free talk.

The objective of this writing was to make a book which anybody, young and old, nay casually pick up for easy reading' a book which nay help people with the slightest interest in haiku progress step by step and recite one if not write, or feel at heart if not recite.

This book was compiled in my sincere appreciation of the considerate opportunity which Konan Junior High School specially made available to me.

It is my sincere wish that the book may help people foster in themind sympathy with nature indispensable for enriched life. also that it may serve as a guidance for people to enjoy making haiku, and further develop their view and love of nature.

My special appreciation goes to teachers at Konan Junior High School and Senior fligh School including Messrs. Eizo Yamanaka, Ryuji Tanaka, Riyoaki Yoshida, and Shohei Yamagishi.

In commemoration of its Geman translations being published, the book was newly printed by Nagata Shobo Publisher while the text remained the same as the first edition published by Shinjyu Sha in 1977.
Teiko lnahata       
     June 10, 1985