--- Haiku Living Together with Nature ---

      From the book entitled "Haiku in Twelve Months"
      Authored by Ms. Inahata Teiko.
      Translated by Mizuta Mutsumi


May―Travelers' Eyes

 Summer is believed to begin about May the 5th, which is said to be the first day of summer in the traditional Japanese calendar. Young green leaves come out at this time of early summer, and it is the most refreshing and pleasant season in the year. Therefore I think there are many people going on a journey.  The title "Travelers' Eyes" given to this chapter doesn't necessarily suggest that we should go traveling.

 We have many reasons or purposes for traveling. I think the essence of traveling may reside in the following example: travels when we get tired of his daily life, we lose our way or we hope to part from what we used to be. Don't you think so?

 Nature, which we meet and find out during traveling, is fresh to our eyes. Such an encounter with a new nature, which we have not noticed in repeated daily life, gives us pleasure and comfort.

 Namely, turning our eyes to new things that we haven't noticed till now means the new birth of ourselves. Therefore traveling is a chance to find real and new ourselves and to become another new person. It is not too much to say that people go traveling to search for a new encounter.

 But considering of it, nature which we meet at unfamiliar place might be the samenature that we view in our country. In fact, the familiar sights of the mountain, the river, flowers and birds around us are becoming new and fresh in every moment according to the change of season. If we view things with the above-mentioned concept, we are able to experience a new encounter every minute and have opportunity to discover ourselves just around us.

 I recommend that those who don't go traveling should welcome the morning with the feeling of traveling and look around yourselves with the eyes of travelers.

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