--- Haiku Living Together with Nature ---

      From the book entitled "Haiku in Twelve Months"
      Authored by Ms. Inahata Teiko.
      Translated by Mizuta Mutsumi


April―The Relation with Composing

a Haiku on Nature

 April is the most glorious month in spring. Cherry blossoms and many kinds of flowers are at their best, and also we feel joy of life at this time. Therefore it is good for us to make a haiku on nature or our feelings and deep emotion through the seasonal words. Let's go outside and make haiku freely, you will find much pleasure of composing haiku on nature.

 I always suggest that a haiku is ruled by a seasonal word and the fixed form (5・7・5). What is more, haiku is Kacho Fuei Shi, a poem composing on the subject of Kacho. Kacho means not only the birds or flowers but also the phenomena of natural world and human affairs caused by the change of seasons. I believe that behind this idea there is an Oriental world view, "Human beings are a part of nature".

 As I have already mentioned, a haiku can be composed with any subject; society or the self which is the important theme of modern literature. But when a haiku is composed on the above subject, it should be equipped with a specific character of Kacho Fuei Shi. The senses of season should be expressed in it and in particular the haiku should be composed in a poetic style. One's ideology or thought should not be directly composed in a haiku, but it must be metaphorically described in the form of the object in front of the individual or through seasonal words. As a result, if the haiku is successful in describing the society or human beings, it attains good achievement. That is characteristic of the composition of haiku.

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