--- Haiku Living Together with Nature ---

      From the book entitled "Haiku in Twelve Months"
      Authored by Ms. Inahata Teiko.
      Translated by Mizuta Mutsumi


October----The Changing Season

 October is the late autumn on the calendar. The sky is endlessly blue, hills and fields are covered with red and yellow leaves, plants bear fruit, and the air becomes clearer and colder. This month most distinctly shows the characteristics of autumn in the four seasons. Don’t you think so?

 October is the beautiful and comfortable season, which is blessed with opulent products. However, at the same time, there shows a sign of the degeneration of the creatures, which steals up from behind. Light and shadow contend in power each other. In the meantime, after passing a short period when all the mountains, rivers, trees and plants are filled with deep tranquility, shadow becomes predominant. The temperature goes down, born fruits fall down, red leaves turn to the withered color, and at last the leaves begin to fall gradually. In a word, October is the changing season.

 Considering what sort of things nature has brought to the human beings through the above changes, we thank for the fact that we are given a lot of gifts.

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