The Fourth

Ashiya International Haiku Festa


January 13th,2006

 Dear Haiku Friends All Over the World

 We are very happy to announce here all the award-winners and their award-winning haiku of the Third Ashiya International Haiku Festa.
 We appreciate that 381 haiku were sent from 108 haiku-poets of 19 countries.
 Thank you very much for your participation.

Takahama Kyoshi Award
David Cobb U.K.
spring sunshine ―
my dead wife's handprintsI
on the window pane


Ashiya International Haiku Grand Prix
TITO(Stephen Gill) (Living in)Japan
Flowering on the tumulus ―
A terrifying deep blue.


Ashiya International Haiku Award
John Ower U.S.A.
first light ―
the snowy egret's


Mayor of Ashiya Award
Marie Summers U.S.A.
passing clouds
I wait for the roofers
to float away


The Asahi Newspaper Award
Eduard Tara Romania
Fireman's garden ―
an old man is watering
the red dahlias


Inspirational Award of the Judge ( for 5 haiku )
Milenko D. Cirovic Ljuticki Serbia and Montenegro
The moon has risen.
A startled shadow slipped away
into the shadows.


Frank Williams U.K.
heat wave in the park ...
a squirrel creates
a shower of leaves


Kohjin Sakamoto(Yukio Sakamoto) (Living in)Japan
mimicing my coughs ...
  the parrot
 in the next room


Fay O'Niell Australia
on the cemetery wall ―
a pattern of dead ivy


Jason Stanford Brown U.S.A.
a cricket
inches along the wall
gathering storm


Report of the Number of the Haiku Sent from Overseas

Secretariat, Ashiya International Haiku Festa       

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