The Third

Ashiya International Haiku Festa


February 15th,2004

 Dear Haiku Friends All Over the World

 We are very happy to announce here all the award-winners and their award-winning haiku of the Third Ashiya International Haiku Festa.
 We appreciate that 520 haiku were sent from 161 haiku-poets of 21 countries.
 Thank you very much for your participation.

Inspirational Award Honoring Takahama Kyoshi
Slobodan Joksimovic   Serbia and Montenegro
Looking through the window
I see the footprints in the snow
-- a letter has arrived.


Ashiya International Haiku Grand Prix
Beverley George Australia
Summer haze〜
a beekeeper taps the swarm


Ashiya International Haiku Inspirational Award
Fay Aoyagi U.S.A.
I try to read
the pattern of clouds
. . . Election Day


Mayor of Ashiya Award
Dan Brady U.S.A.
Crossing the room
his footfalls rebound inside the cup
so tea leaves settle.


The Asahi Newspaper Award
James Kirkup Principality of Andorra
As they toll for Mass
bells start shaking off first snow
deep in the valleys


Inspirational Award of the Judge ( for ten haiku )
Ljubomir Dragovic Bosnia and Herzegovina
Seals of Summer :
on the cow's heel
a poppy's flower.


Bart Mesotten Belgium
Constantly growing
two pumpkins push away
each other.


Martin Berner Germany
full moon
and in the brain
just the diagnosis


Svetomir Djurbabic Serbia
snow on the grave-yard --
deceased persons retreating
deeper and deeper


Ivan Mlacic Croatia
the scent of thaw
from the zoo
the roar of lions


Winona Baker Canada
mare's tail clouds --
scatter the engineer's ashes
between the rails


Gary Hotham U.S.A.
the day starts
with warnings of snow---
her pile of old birthday cards in the trash


George Swede Canada
The mountains lost in mist
yet I know they are there
like my prior life


Caitlin Louise ThomasAustralia
Unlock the window :
cool green of trees rushes in
and I am outside.


Jadran ZalokarCroatia
a girl runs
with fluttering breast
raindrops bigger and bigger


 We are looking forward to meeting you on this site again in our Fourth Ashiya International Haiku Festa which will be held in the spring in 2006.

Thank you very much.

Secretariat, Ashiya International Haiku Festa       

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